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Chat Bench

Chat Bench Wooden


Chat Bench Green


Chat Bench Gray


Chat Bench Purple


Hand Disinfection Dispenser


Hand Clean

Solar Panel  1 Pcs 12V 100Watt Monocrystal  Solar Panel
Battery  1 Pcs 12V 55Ah Solar Gel Battery
Lighting  6 Pcs 12V 6Watt Led – 1 Pcs Lens
Usb Phone Charge Socket  4 Pcs 2.1Ah / 4 Pcs 12V 1Ah Usb Phone Charge Socket
Voltage  12V
Working Temperature Range  -20 ~ +60 °C
Battery Charge Regulator  12V – 24V 20Ah Battery Charge Regulator
Height  250 Cm
Sitting Area  45 x 60 x 170 Cm
Battery Charging Time  The battery, is fully charged in 6 hours in sunny weather
Full Charge Working Capacity  When the battery is fully charged, the unit has the energy to    operate for 3 days..
Advertising Area  2 Pcs 46 x 83 Cm Advertising Area
Sheet Material  1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm ve 8 mm Thickness Dkp Sheet
Plexiglass  3mm Thickness Plexiglass
Advertising Space Glass Feature  5 Mm Thickness Tempered Glass
Corrosion Protection  Galvanized Coating
Paint  200 or 220 °C Electrostatic Powder Coating
Wood Material  Impregnated 1st class pine tree
Warranty  3 Year Product Warranty
Spare Part  5 Year Product Spare Parts Warranty
Digital Advertising Area  32 x 48 Cm Digital Led Display (Works with 220V Mains Electricity)
Car Charger for the disabled  2 Pcs Socket Marina (Works with 220V Mains Electricity)
Security camera  1 Pcs Security Camera (Works with 220V Mains Electricity)

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